Why Choose Us?

A Door to Door Leaflet Distribution Company Like No Other ...

1. Recorded Leaflet Distributions. 

To change an industry with such a bad reputation is a difficult task, but it's one we are not shying away from; this is why we record every door to door leaflet distribution. Filmed leaflet distributions give our distributors that extra layer of protection whilst delivering leaflets. It also gives our clients confidence that their leaflets are reaching those letterboxes. No more dumping leaflets into bins and skips; the camera never lies. 

Perky Post Recorded Leaflet Distribution

2. Watch Your Leaflet Distribution LIVE On Any Device.

All of our door to door leaflet distributions are GPS live tracked which can be watched on ANY device, including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, or laptops. Our distributors carry GPS tracking devices which send data to our servers; meaning our clients can watch their door to door leaflet distribution on a special link we send out before their distribution begins. This keeps our company 100% transparent with what we are doing out in the field and gives our clients peace of mind knowing that their items are reaching those letterboxes. 

Watch Your Leaflet Distribution LIVE On Any Device

3. Effective Planning and Targeting. 

We take advantage of the most advanced geo-planning and targeting software on the market. Do you need to target properties with gardens or children? No problem! Simply tell us the characteristics of your existing customers and we can target the right areas, properties, and people. This allows us to find more similar customers and target them accordingly, effectively getting the most out of your leaflets, giving you a better return on your investment.   

PerkyPost Leaflet Planning 

4. Our Distributors Can Wear Your Brand.

We understand that getting seen is crucial, that is why our distributors can also wear YOUR brand logo and company information on their caps, t-shirts, and even flags! This extra brand presence gives businesses and organisations that extra boost when we are out delivering their leaflets. 

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5. Design, Copywriting, Printing, and Guidance.

By using our printing services you are guaranteed a fast turn around as your items come straight from the printers to our purpose-built distribution centre.

Our talented in-house marketing designers know what it takes to make those potential customers tick - maximising impact whilst staying within your budget. By offering professional design and print services we can save you time whilst also advising on leaflet marketing from a strategic and tactical standpoint. Our designers understand how to link direct marketing to digital marketing, such as, utilising social media, QR codes, and web. This is why our experts can plan digitally, increasing the chances that our print designs will get engaged with and acted upon.  

Design, Copywriting, Printing, and Guidance.

6. Ethical, Honest, and Transparent In Everything That We Do.

By now it should be clear that we strive to treat all of our staff fairly and our customers honestly. We are a company which strongly believes in people and community. We believe not only is this the correct way to be, but also it is the best way to acquire customer trust, build healthy relationships, and gain success together. 

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