Why Use Perky Post For Your Printing? 

A large proportion of our customers decide to use us for their leaflet printing as this reduces the wait time between print to delivery as well as being competitive price-wise.  

We have agreements in place with several high quality printers based within Staffordshire. Printing in large volumes has also allowed us to secure significant discounts which we pass on to our customers. 

Overall these generally represent larger savings compared to trying to be able to obtain these by oneself. 

In the past we have seen businesses choose printers which weren't best suited for their specific jobs, at times, lacking the immediate print capacity. However, we work with several printers across Staffordshire, meaning we can choose the one that best suits your needs, meeting set deadlines at ease. 

No matter who we use, we guarantee that there are no extra charges for last minute amends or any other hidden extras. 

Our printers are flexible and can offer all different types of paper and formats to suit the needs of our customers, from cost-effective glossy paper to high weight matt paper, which delivers a high quality feel. Our customers also benefit from being able to choose from, stationery, folders, booklets, posters, postcards, business cards, and more.

The biggest advantage our customers enjoy taking advantage of is using both our printing and distribution services together. By doing this it allows for exceptionally fast turnaround - normally less than 3 working days between commissioning, printing, and distribution. 

Need a bespoke design creating or want to make use of our copywriting service? This will make the process even smoother, quicker, more effective and easily managed service. 

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