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  • Fast payment straight into your account
  • You choose the jobs that suit you
  • You are fully insured when delivering our items
  • 100% flexible - work when you want
  • We provide you with the core kit to get you started


  • When you’re out and about delivering our items, we’re with you - for help, advice, and support, message or call us. Your safety is our priority, so we’ll insure you in case of accidents. It’s completely free and starts from the minute you join us
  • 24/7 message support available to all Perky Posters

What Will I Be Doing?

  • Whether you’re a delivery pro or brand new, we’ll help you get in the fast lane.
  • Our simple app tells you when we have jobs available in specific zones; you choose what you feel like doing.
  • Book your job online and your items are delivered straight to your door-step.
  • Once received, you’ll head out to your chosen zone and deliver your items. Job done!
  • Remember, you're never alone. We have a support team which is always on hand, no matter the time.

What Our Perky Posters Are Saying

"Having flexible work suits my university life style. I absolutely love working with Perky Post."

- Bobby T

"I can book a door to door job online and receive my items straight to my door within 24 hours and get paid as soon as I've completed the work, it's just so simple."

- Lyris C

"Perky Post has given me the opportunities and the freedom to earn extra income when I want, it's brilliant!"

- Dan C

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to work in my own area or can I work in a different area?

You choose where you want to work! Fancy delivering somewhere different? No problem, book your job and off you go!

Do Perky Posters get paid hourly?

No, job earnings are based on a door to door pay scale.

What are the benefits of working as a Perky Poster?

We provide you with expert training accessible through our website. You are fully insured when working with us. You receive our core kit to get you up and running. You receive your pay after every completed job.

What checks do you do?

We check that you have the right to work in the UK as self-employed and if you have any criminal convictions.

How can I reach out?

Get in touch on our contact page.

How old do I need to be to work as a Perky Poster?

For insurance purposes, you must be over the age of 15 to work as a Perky Poster.

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