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Hand to Hand (H2H) Leaflet Distribution.

**Please note that this service is currently suspended due to Covid-19**

Hand to hand (H2H) leaflet distribution is an extremely effective approach to customer acquisition as it ensures leaflets are looked at and engaged with, making it more likely the recipient will act on it. It is also easier to add a touch of personalisation as distributors can speak with recipients upon giving out the leaflet. 

Targeting potential customers who are in areas of high population has never been easier and more effective, for example, specifying if a leaflet needs to reach women or men only, certain appearances, or specific age groups etc, focusing on specific high impact locations. 

Hand to hand leaflet distribution     

Let's Generate More Sales! 

Most businesses can benefit from targeted hand to hand leaflet distribution. And with our expert marketing designers and copywriters ready to start work on your leaflet, you can be certain that your message will stand out and make a real impact on those potential customers. 

Printing in high volume allows us to secure competitive printing rates for our customers, and we are happy to liaise with or advise any marketing company.

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