Misconceptions About Leaflet Distribution

Misconceptions About Leaflet Distribution

By James Perkins

Misconceptions About Leaflet Distribution

Hi all, Jack here from Perky Post!

We hear a lot of things regarding leaflet delivery, some of it true, some of it not so true.

Let's look at a few misconceptions we have seen recently.

Misconception #1 In a social media age, leaflets are an inefficient way to attract new customers.

  • Social media marketing is in many cases often more expensive.
  • With leafleting, you know exactly who is being targeted.
  • Clients must engage with leaflets and can’t just simply scroll past as they would on social media *statistics* *anecdotal evidence*.

Misconception #2 You can’t trust leaflet distributors.

Where as this might be true for some companies, we are changing the door to door industry for the better. 
  • We use Live GPS Tracking and share this with our clients in real time.
  • We record all door to door deliveries on video capture devices and again, we share this footage with our clients for complete transparency.  

Misconception #3 Poor for the environment.

Misconceptions about leaflet distribution #1 - These days Internet marketing is better at securing customers.


This is the first in a series of articles dedicated to debunking common myths surrounding door-to-door leaflet distribution. 

A first misconception is that in the 21st century, the effectiveness of online promotion is superior to that of the more traditional method of door-to-door distribution. 

There are many reasons why this is simply untrue.

Firstly, in contrast to social media marketing, using our leaflet distribution service can yield far more success at reaching your target audience. I’m sure most of us have had the experience of being the recipient of ‘targeted’ advertising online that was in no way relevant to us, most likely due to the failure of computer algorithms to correctly identify potential clients. With Perky Post, we are able to guarantee that your leaflets can not only be delivered precisely to a geographical location, but that we can also run distribution campaigns specifically targeting recipients based on demographic factors, as well other variables like the type of housing that they live in. As a locally run business, we understand the importance of money management, therefore we are glad to be able to run efficient advertising campaigns where our clients know their money for advertising is being delivered to relevant targets.

Another sometimes heard criticism of leafleting is that people pay little attention to the unaddressed mail that comes from through letterboxes. Of all the criticisms of door-to-door distribution, this is by far the most unfounded.

In contrast to social media, all the evidence leads to the conclusion that there is in fact a higher rate of engagement with leaflets than with social media posts. We all know the ease with which one can simply scroll past any adverts on the internet. The direct approach of Perky Post’s leaflet distribution gives physical adverts to your potential customers. Research by Fresh Minds has shown that when asked about which form of advertising people remember receiving in the last 2 weeks, 89% of people recalled unaddressed mail coming through their doors. This made door-to-door distribution the most impressionable form of brand promotion, even more so than television advertising. Therefore the physical nature of leaflets clearly gives them an advantage over social media marketing, a fact further demonstrated by the same Fresh Minds study showing that almost half of people like to keep some of the leaflets that come through their doors, proving that leaflet distribution can help grow long-term brand awareness, on top of the short-term results that such advertising produces.

The results of this research are consistent with the experiences of many happy individuals who have enlisted the services of Perky Post. Emma, the owner of a gardening company in Stafford, was delighted that her use of Perky Post resulted in a boom of customers, outperforming prior attempts of using Facebook and Google Ads to promote her business

Emma’s Gardening Service is not the only local company pleased with their utilisation of Perky Post. Rachel of Miss Mops Cleaning Service was very happy to report that our focused leafleting campaign had helped advertise her excellent cleaning business so much that she needed us to pause our distribution work in order so that her company could meet the demand of a rapidly growing customer base.

If you would like to grow your business like Emma and Rachel, do not hesitate to book some leaflet distribution with Perky Post. If you want fresh designs, our team of designers can help create memorable and attractive leaflets to help secure engagement with your business. Our dedicated team of distributors are armed not only with your company’s leaflets, but a live GPS tracker and camera, meaning you can have a peace of mind that Perky Post’s team are working hard and delivering a professional service for your company. To register an interest in utilising Perky Post for your company’s benefit, please send us a message.

Misconception #2 - Leaflet distribution is an untrustworthy industry. 

Historic fears around the reliability of some leaflet distributors are not misplaced. However, here at Perky Post, we strive to be the face of a new generation in the door-to-door distribution industry.

As a growing local business, we are dedicated to helping other companies and organisations like us, so we have taken all steps necessary in order to prove to you our diligent and trustworthy approach to door-to-door distribution.

Perky Post’s distributors all work with a GPS tracker installed on their phones. This means that as a customer, you are able to track your leaflets being distributed live and in real time. 

On top of the GPS trackers, Perky Post has a relatively unique selling point insofar as that all our distributors wear cameras on the job. This means that all the organisations that hire us are able to physically watch every second of our distributors work after it happens, if they so desire. 

If you would like your company to benefit from the ways Perky Post is revolutionising the distribution industry, please get in touch with here.

Misconception #3 - Leaflet distribution is bad for the environment

“Stop putting your unsustainable environmentally unfriendly rubbish through my door.”

Here at Perky Post we strongly believe in the importance of protecting the planet, which is why it is vital for us to rebuke this criticism of the door-to-door distribution industry. The above criticism of us was from the only negative online feedback we have yet to receive as a fledgling company.

With the recent forest fires all over South America, it’s completely understandable that people have concerns regarding the human contribution to this catastrophic situation. But we would like to strongly clarify that none of our recyclable paper is sourced from South America, but rather from Europe. Due to strong regulations from European countries around the issue of forestry, the number of trees in Europe is increasing year-on-year, rather than the opposite. In the last 15 years, European forests have grown by nearly 60,000 Square Kilometres. This is an amount equivalent to 1,500 football pitches being added to European forestry every day.

As a matter of fact, paper is a sustainable and a renewable resource. Many electronic mediums of communication that are also possible to advertise with are actually made out of non-renewable materials, giving leafleting the advantage over it in this regard. 

If you want to know more ways door-to-door leaflet distribution can be more helpful for your company in contrast with online marketing, read our previous article on this very question.

To explore the possibility of reaping the rewards of our innovative distribution method, please get in touch with us here.

Jack Curham
Head of Operations at Perky Post